Dyson Airwrap Hairstyling Lesson & Styling

Dyson Airwrap Hairstyling Lesson & Styling

Have you ever wanted to try the Dyson Airwrap system before purchasing one for yourself? Or perhaps you already have one but feel you are underutilising it?

It's definitely an investment tool but a worthy one and wouldn't it be nice to try it for yourself in a private, relaxed setting before buying one?

I will teach you how to create your own beautiful Dyson Airwrap blowout or desired styling step by step, with your own hands.


Take the time to practice the tools on yourself and get a hang of how and why using one will level-up your hair game.


Includes a glass of Prosecco or cool drink to enjoy while we practice.


 At your lesson, we will address: 

  • Haircare Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment recommendations/advice specific to your hair type and density.
  • How to make your style stay that way all day! Advice and demonstration of suitable styling products specific to your hair type.
  • Using the Dyson Airwrap accessories
  • Professional blowout using the Dyson Airwrap (if adding on) 
  • Professional Makeup application by Amy (if adding on)
Choose from:


1 hour


Add on a Dyson Airwrap Blowout by me before you leave to ensure you can head straight out for an event, drink with a friend or dinner.


Lesson & Blowout
1.5 hours


Add on a Professional Makeup application so you can really step out feeling complete and confident that you are looking and feeling gorgeous.


Lesson & Blowout & Makeup
2 hours
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