Finding your Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Finding your Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration

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Finding your Bridal Hair and/or Makeup Inspiration can be a task. 


Some of us have dreamed of our wedding day style for many years and some of us just don't know where to start.
It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused no matter which camp you are in so I've put together some easy guidelines and questions to ask yourself to start your inspiration journey:




    1. Are you a hair up or down girl? Make sure you have chosen a stylist that specialises in your desired style.
    2. What season are you getting married in?
    3. What is the neckline of your wedding dress or outfit like? Is it high up and covered shoulders or is it low and off the shoulders?
    4. Do you find hair draped around the face annoying? Are you likely to hook it behind your ears anyway?
    5. Will you be changing your hair colour or cut? Think ahead of time about where you like to wear your parting i.e. centred, left or right and if you'd like pieces out to frame your face or if you'd like it behind the ears. Please consider this when having a trim, cut or colour/highlights before the wedding day.
    6. Are you having a veil?
    7. Start looking for images of the up or down hairstyle in Real Weddings blogs, magazines and online publications BEFORE you look at Pinterest.
    8. Only find inspiration photos that have the same hair colour as you. E.g. If you are a Brunette please do not save inspo images of blonde.
    9. Once you have answered the above questions for yourself then you can go to Pinterest for more inspiration. Use key words that you find in your previous Real Weddings research to find the styles you are looking for e.g Sleek and Elegant updo, Boho or beachy low bun etc.





Without working on the canvas first you can only do so much with Makeup. Really try to improve the skin on your face, décolletage and shoulders with the following tips:


      1. Do you have any skin sensitivity? React with any ingredients that you know of?
      2. Hows that skin? Are you on the dry side? The best way to find out is to get a mini facial and the beautician will tell you how quick your skin absorbs the product. Knowing this is critical as Makeup for weddings is designed to last a very long time and through heat, sun, air-conditioning, dancing and happy tears so if your skin is dry and uneven before your makeup is applied, it will only look more dry afterwards.
      3. Cleanse twice a day. And if you wear makeup this also means cleanse once to remove the makeup then again to cleanse the skin.
      4. Drink water. Lots of it. For at least a month before the wedding.
      5. Exfoliate. If you aren’t able to get a pro-beauty treatment then hit the beauty counters and find an exfoliant or skin peel thats safe and easy to use at home. Try this at least a month before your wedding date to ensure no reactions. 
      6. Don't forget your lips! Invest in a lip scrub and load your lips with something nourishing.
      7. Keep your face and neck and shoulders out of the sun and wear sunscreen.
      8. Hydrate - keep your skin nourished to lock in the hydration from water and all the other good work you are doing.
      9. Do you wear makeup ever? If so do you wear it only for occasions or every day?
      10. What features do you like to enhance? Do you love your cheekbones, your eyes, your lips - all of the above?
      11. Have you worn false lashes before? if you have not it's a good idea to consider lash extensions instead of falsies as they can be applied days earlier and last for weeks. If you are used to wearing temporary lashes then you are all set to choose some with your artist for your big day. Don't need any lash enhancement? That's fantastic!


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