Spray Tan - Prep Work

Spray Tan - Prep Work

Unlock the secrets for preparing your bod for your spray tan!

First thing to note is that a spray tan is a delicate operation. You have to provide a smooth canvas for the tan to be applied to. If you apply a spray tan (or a self tan) to rough, dry skin the result will be underwhelming and more of a hindrance than a blessing. 


The drying powder has a gorgeous shimmer to it and makes the whole experience just so much more comfortable post-tan and certainly the most enjoyable.


If you over-exfoliate your skin before a spray tan or shave or wax too close to your spray tan then the skin can become sensitive and sometimes uneven again and you will suffer other consequences such as a patchy and sometimes itchy tan.

Follow these simple steps to give yourself the best chance of success!

  • For your face: I feel that having some tan on the face helps even the skin tone and prepares it for your bridal makeup. There are many facial tanners on the market now.I like to apply them at night after cleansing and before I put on my active skincare products - and again in the morning post-cleanse and before my daily skincare application and makeup if wearing.
  • It provides a beautifully light glow. I would say I would use this 2-3 times per week depending how deep you like your tan. Always test new products out well in advance to be sure it agrees with your skin.
  • These facial tanners are also amazing for the men in our lives, especially leading up to the wedding day. It's so easy for them to use.
  • I recommended to test a spray tan out before your big day, especially if you are not familiar with spray tanning. I would recommend doing this anytime and up to a month before the big day.
  • Exfoliate your body gently 2-3 days prior and moisturise well immediately after and continue to do so until your tan day. Give your underarms a good scrub to remove traces of deodorant. This is so important, deodorant builds up on the skin and the tan will grab to it giving you ring marks.
  • Shave/Wax no closer than two days prior. You can of course shave your legs on the day of the wedding post-tan but do this with the understanding that shaving does remove skin cells as well as hair.
  • On the spray tan day, shower before your appointment. You can apply a light moisturiser to your body if you feel dry in areas.
  • Remove jewellery and well moisturise around your cuticles on your fingers and toes.
  • Bring loose, dark clothing to wear after your tan. No bra or tight fitting items as this will disturb the product on the skin while its developing over the next 12 hours.
  • If it is hot, wear loose, lightweight clothes and crank up that air conditioning. If it is raining please have a large umbrella in case you need to get to a car and bring clothes that will cover your skin. Avoid jandals on bare legs in the rain as the jandal flicks up water behind your leg.
  • Shower after min 4 hours (even though I use 2 hour rapid hour tans) gently and without soaps etc. The next day you can use a gentle cleanser over the body. Load up with lots of moisturiser after.
  • Prevent your spray tan from fading by resisting the need to shave legs daily, avoid spa pools, hot showers, swimming pools with chlorine.
  • Do not attempt to scrub your tan off too early. If you want you can use a flannel to help remove any built up tan in areas and there are some tan remover products on the market that may help.
  • Be kind to your skin and nourish it, your skin will let you know when it's ready for a scrub again.

Try to ensure you book a full body layer of Skin Primer prior to your tan application and a beautiful, luxury drying powder in all the areas known to feel a bit sticky following your tan.

The drying powder has a gorgeous shimmer to it and makes the whole experience just so much more comfortable post-tan and certainly the most enjoyable.

I had been Spray Tanning Brides and tan-lovers for 17 years! If you have any questions about tanning - I'm here to help answer them.

**Please note, this is no longer a service that I offer. However, I can recommend some very talented Spray Tanners you can contact.

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