To tox or not to tox before the big day…that is the question

You may wonder what tox, toxin, wrinkle relaxers and fillers are all about. If you are curious, read on. It’s not for everyone but it’s great to know that you have options – the best bit is, it’s so discreet. No-one will know you’ve had it done! It can simply help you look refreshed and can also fix and fill little areas of the face that have been bothering you.

*Always do your own thorough research and ensure you have a detailed consultation with your cosmetic nurse first.

I asked Helen from Beautify Me in Auckland, who is an experienced Cosmetic Nurse, to answer some frequently asked, wedding day related questions for you.

Helen has a wealth of knowledge around wrinkle relaxers, preventative treatments and restoration of fullness to the face.

 Most importantly, she is the most beautiful human inside and out and she's committed to making your enhancements subtle and complimentary to you.


How long have you been a cosmetic injector?

Hello! I’ve been a registered nurse for over 15 years, working in both paediatric, inpatient and community settings.  For over 5 years of those years I have been a cosmetic injector.

Do you have to be constantly up-skilling and learning in this field?

Yes! You absolutely do. Regular training is so necessary in this field. Beautify Me is invested in providing a professional service, offering quality treatments and products driven by results. I am committed to on-going professional development, education and expanding knowledge through regular conferences, workshops, webinars and clinic audits to ensure all treatments are delivered effectively and safely.

I am due to attend New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine later this month and off to Sydney next month to attend the AMAC conference to keep up to date with all that’s happening in the appearance medicine industry there.

If someone has never tried wrinkle relaxers before and they want to freshen up before their wedding day or their personal celebration such as a birthday when do you suggest they start the process? 

Give yourself plenty of time and a couple of treatments underway to know what will best suit you. At least 9-12 months prior to your special day would be my recommendation to see and enjoy the results and optimistically prevent some deeper lines from setting in! I always start with a thorough consultation, after your first treatment a 2 week review is encouraged to ensure you have the result you desire. For subsequent treatments we will then know what has worked best for you and provides the most options for your special day.

How long does it take to start working and how many weeks should I time my appointment for before the wedding day? 

Anywhere from 3 - 14 days with the final result seen at 14 days. 4 weeks post-anti-wrinkle treatment is the optimal time frame, so you can be reviewed 2 weeks after and have your treatment adjusted if necessary so it is absolutely perfect for your day.

What are the typical areas that someone may want wrinkle relaxers in the face?

The most common areas are upper face frown lines between the brows, forehead lines and smile lines around the eyes aka crows feet.

How much does wrinkle relaxer cost? 

Depending on the number of areas you have treated one treatment area starts at $320 - this could be to treat the frown/crows.

How long does it typically last for? 

Generally it last 3-4 months, however this varies as all depends on the area treated, size of the muscle, dosage, client metabolism, lifestyle factors and frequency of treatment. For example, if you wish to maintain the results and reduce any deeper lines from forming, then it is recommended to repeat treatment 3-4 monthly. Leaving treatments for longer intervals is a personal choice but any gains made of softening the appearance of the crease of the skin could be reduced. 

Can my man have wrinkle relaxers too? 

Yes, often males require a higher dosage of anti-wrinkle treatment due to the size and strength of the muscle.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, I describe the feeling of anti-wrinkle injection to a slight scratch and stinging sensation, which is very brief.

Is it obvious when I leave your clinic that I have had a wrinkle relaxer treatment?

Usually the skin settles quickly and within 20-30min. The skin may appear slightly red at the injection site, or tiny pin pricks, slight swelling and rarely but sometimes the odd bruise. I am happy to cover up any treatment areas with light, mineral makeup afterwards.

How can I be sure I will still be able to move my face and smile naturally?

I have a very thorough consultation process which ensures that you and I are on the very same page regards what results you are looking for. This is very much dependant on the dosage of anti-wrinkle treatment injected into the desired area. 

I get very sweaty when I get nervous, are there options to use the same treatment under my arm pits, hands and feet? 

Yes, some people suffer from a condition called Hyperhidrosis which a medical condition resulting in excessive sweating regardless of the environment you are in (hot or cold) and it can occur without any triggers. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for some people.

One solution to this condition is treating the underarm area with anti-wrinkle injections which temporarily block the nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands. Clinically anti-wrinkle can reduce the sweating by 50%  over 4 – 9 months. 

Dermal Fillers – What are they?

We love our fresh, youthful plump faces but at a certain age we start to lose that fullness and elastin in the skin, please can you share what “fillers” actually are and how we can use them to restore the fullness in the face where we have lost it…

What is dermal filler? 

A smooth injectable gel-like consistency made from synthesised Hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in the skin and over time we lose this. Results of dermal filler can be seen immediately, and optimal results once the filler has settled at 4 - 6 weeks post treatment. Longevity of the product can vary 5 - 18months, depending on the individual, product used, lifestyle, metabolism etc.

Dermal filler is used to correct volume loss caused by the ageing process, correction of asymmetry. It adds fullness to lips, contour to cheeks, re-defines jawlines and chin area.

Does it hurt to have dermal filler injected? 

Everyone’s pain threshold is different but for the majority of people they report to me very little discomfort if none at all. The use of a numbing cream to the area certainly helps alleviate this too, this can be discussed during your consultation and additional topical anaesthetic can be applied prior to your treatment.

Can I come in for a free consultation or is there a cost to this?

A consultation is 30 minutes and is $50 which is redeemable when booking your treatment.

Are there payment options available at your business?

Yes we certainly do. We use HUMM - pay it over 10 weekly payments or over 5  fortnightly payments.

You can follow Helen on Instagram @beautifymeinjectables make bookings online and read more information on specific anti-wrinkle treatment and Dermal Fillers.

Beautify Me is located conveniently in Milford on Auckland’s sunny North Shore.

Thanks Helen!