Bridal Hairstyling Preview

Here's what you need to know about your upcoming
Bridal Hairstyling Preview with Amy...



Your Bridal Preview

A bridal preview is for you and I to make a plan for your wedding day hairstyling.

It's time to put together your whole look and ensure we compliment your dress, your chosen wedding colour palette, makeup, veil, accessories and create a timeless, elegant bridal look.

Below are some hair prep tips for prior to your preview. 


Where to start...

  • Start searching for hair inspiration (if you haven't already) for people with the same hair colour/length and skin tone as you.
  • Ask yourself if you are a hair up or hair down?
  • Do you want to see pieces in the front framing your face or do you prefer it off your face?
  • Will you be keeping your current hair colour? And have you scheduled a trim and maybe a treatment for before the wedding day? *Please avoid cutting any length off until after your preview.
  • Are you having a veil and/or hair clips or accessories?
  • We will discuss all of this at your Preview but it's really good to start the process.


    You will need to prep your hair for your Bridal Preview.

    How to cleanse + dry your hair the day before the Bridal Preview

    • Soak your hair all the way through. Do a double, yes double shampoo. Do one, then repeat!  Rinse well.
    • Nourish. Use conditioner to nourish the mid-lengths and ends. Leave for a few mins and rinse well.
    • Towel-dry and comb out then preferably using a hairdryer and smoothing brush, blow dry your hair with the dryer nozzle angled down. Alternatively, air-dry and once completely dry use straightening irons to smooth the cuticle.
    • If you wish to exercise the morning of the wedding day or those that have very fine hair or those that get oily roots/dry ends etc. You may double cleanse and dry the morning of but you will need to ensure your hair is very clean and very dry please.
    • For naturally curly, spiral curl, extra frizzy, extra long or extra thick hair we will have discussed this and given you a hair prep plan seperate to this info sheet.
    • If you can, arrive wearing makeup similar to your Bridal Look 👌 No pressure at all for this however.




    • Please allow several hours for your preview and please come alone so that my full focus is on you.
    • Please wear white or similar colours to your bridal gown/outfit. Preferably with a similar neckline. 
    • Together we create one bridal hairstyle look, if you wish to create more than one style then extra time needs to be booked at additional cost. We discuss in detail the style options before starting.
    • Eat before you arrive. I'll have a snack aside and something to quench your thirst but it's best to eat before you come because we all get hungry eventually and my Bridal Previews roll into lunchtime.

    Unwell policy:

    • Please provide me with as much notice as possible if you are unwell, have a temperature or need to reschedule for another reason.
    • As you can imagine, it is critical that I remain well to show up for all my beautiful brides and clients this season. I am happier to reschedule than risk it.
    • All consultations are Monday - Thursday only and start at 10am. Please arrive on time to your appointment.
    • Studio address is 18 Killarney Avenue, Torbay. Look for the long white fence. Parking on the road. Come in the gate at the top of the driveway and up the steps to the pod at your appointment time.
    • Photos and/or videos will be taken before, during and after our preview for the purposes of capturing the whole bridal look, recording products and techniques used and sometimes for promotional purposes. Any sharing will be done so with integrity.


    Additional extras:

    • Depending on your chosen look and your hairs' current length and density we may discuss the option of using extensions or padding to create a more desired shape or to create the desired styling. These can be hired or smaller items can be added to your invoice as required.
    • Almost all images we find on Pinterest or Instagram for bridal will have had a little help from these items so please consider this a topic when we meet.


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