Event Hair and Makeup Preparation


Here's a guide to preparing your hair for your event hairstyling:


  • Double cleanse your hair the day before or day of (depending on your appointment time). This means shampoo twice.
  • Please tell me if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair and you want to style it naturally - i'll recommend a different process.
  • If you have extra long hair past your shoulders please also let me know for time allocation.
  • Conditioner only on your mid-lengths and ends, not the root area. Avoid hair masks or treatments the week prior.
  • Dry and smooth your hair really well, it must be dry on arrival. Use a paddle or roll brush with your hairdryer or use straightening irons on very curly or frizzy hair.
  • Have on you any hair accessories, fascinator or decorative clips or flowers etc that you are hoping to use.
  • Wear a loose top to easily remove (if required) after your appointment.


Here's a guide to preparing your skin for your appointment:

  • Double cleanse your face and neck before your appointment. Use a flannel and warm water to rinse, always.
  • Remove any residual mascara, lipstick etc.
  • Apply your own regular skincare routine.
  • Wearing hydrating eye patches or face masks prior to having your makeup applied is always welcomed.
  • Have on you your makeup inspiration images and any discussed extras such as lipstick or dramatic lashes if required.
  • Keep in mind your potential lipstick choice as you will need to have a similar colour on hand to top up with or purchase one to use prior to your appointment.
  • Wear a loose top to easily remove (if required) after your appointment.