Do I need to have a hands-on bridal consultation?

- Yes, where possible, this is vital to creating the best results on your wedding day.   All consultations take place in studio in Torbay, North Shore - Auckland. 

Can I have my hands-on bridal consultation on the same day as my bridal shower?

- This is not recommended, instead book a separate appointment for celebration hair and/or makeup.

When can I book my hands-on bridal consultation?

Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Thursdays ideally within 8 weeks of the wedding day. Before then, we can discuss and prepare your desired style, ensuring all your beauty requirements are met.

How will I know if I'll need hair extensions or padding?

- This is one of the reasons why we have a hands-on bridal consultation.

Most of the bridal looks you'll be in love with will have had a little help with extra hair or support. However, if you already have the hair we need then this is fantastic!

When should I book lash and brow treatments in preparation for my wedding day makeup?

- Lash and brow laminations last 6-10 weeks and a brow tint, shape or tidy is best booked in the week leading up to the wedding day.

When should I book my cut, colour or highlights appointment with my hairdresser prior to the wedding?

- We will discuss the timing for this at your hands-on bridal consultation. It's very important that with hairstyling we plan face framing lengths and also ensuring we have enough hair to create the desired look if not requiring extensions or support padding. On average, hair grows 1 cm per month so keep this in mind.

Can I make changes to the number of people serviced?

- You can increase the numbers by hiring an additional artist or stylist, but no sorry you cannot decrease.

Can you start before 8am?

- Yes. An early callout fee applies for Amy and additionally to any accompanying artist/stylist that has been booked. Please read the terms and conditions.

When should I have a spray tan for my wedding?

- If desired, you would ideally have your bridal spray tan 1-2 days prior to the wedding day. I always recommend you test the tan at least 6 weeks before hand.

I am only wanting bridal hairstyling and/or makeup for myself the bride, can you do this?

- I do offer Bride Only Hairstyling and Makeup package