How to prepare for your hands-on bridal makeup consultation with Amy



The wedding day is approaching! Hooray!


Here's what you need to know about your upcoming hands-on
Bridal Makeup Consultation with Amy...



Your Bridal Consultation

A bridal beauty consultation is for you and I to make a plan for your wedding day Makeup.

It's time to put together your whole look and ensure we compliment your dress, your chosen wedding colour palette, veil, accessories and create a timeless, elegant bridal look.

Below are some skin prep tips for prior to your bridal beauty consultation and wedding day..



    Where to start..

    Having a regular skin routine is important in the lead up to the big day. Start with making sure you are cleansing at night before bed and again in the mornings. Use a flannel, white ones are best as they show any remaining makeup residue. If you wear makeup during the day, even a tinted sunscreen please cleanse twice at night. If you don't wear makeup its still important to cleanse your face to remove all the daily dust and pollutants that clog your pores.



    If you desire flawless, glowing makeup for your wedding day, it all starts from within. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t make any other changes to your lifestyle before your wedding or special event please just do this one.



    If you have never had a facial before, now is a great time to treat yourself. Facials are divine and they serve more purpose than you imagine. Think massage, relaxation, self-care, skin cleansing, gentle resurfacing, hydrating and possibly a teeny-tiny little bit of extraction but its totally worth it in the end!



    Every-day makeup and makeup for special events and weddings have very different requirements, the main one being that event makeup needs to last all day long and into the evening. So we choose products that do just this. When your skin is dry, crumbly, flaky or bumpy - the makeup will just sit on top of this and potentially make it more obvious. Aim for a smooth, hydrated face. Some of us won't be able to change this quickly so please know that together we will help you!

    Regular exfoliation helps to buff away any dull skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin. It will improve your complexion, improve circulation and unclog your pores. There are specific facial scrubs and peels to do this so you decide, always ask a dermatologist first if you have never embarked on a skin care journey like this before.



    Using active ingredients and products are key to freshening up your skin for wedding day makeup. Read the Pinterest-Perfect makeup blog on my website for more info.



    Lock in all the good work with a good moisturiser.



    On your consultation day please bring with you the following:

    • Your makeup inspiration. Please bring images of people with similar skin tones to you.
    • Your hair inspiration (good to know for whole look planning)
    • Let me know if you are wearing a veil / bring earrings or ideas of earrings
    • A photo of your dress so I can see the whole look coming together
    • Please wear white or a similar colour to your bridal dress/outfit. No bright colours or patterns please.

    We will discuss the following:

    • Morning run sheet & logistics
    • Your skin and any concerns
    • Discuss your hairstyle, brows, lashes, nails and tan (if having) or any other treatments you've been considering.
    • Your inspiration photos and how we can achieve this or potential better options
    • Together how we will build a beautifully unique, natural, glamorous bridal makeup look!


    Last few notes:

    Please allow 1.5 hours for your hands-on bridal makeup consultation.
    It's a small studio space so please discuss with me if you are wanting to bring someone along with you.

    Please wear white or similar colours to your bridal gown/outfit. Preferably with a similar neckline. 

    Together we create one bridal makeup look, if you wish to create more than one whole look then a second consultation needs to be booked at additional cost.

    Unwell policy: Please provide me with as much notice as possible if you are unwell, have a temperature or need to reschedule for another reason.
    As you can imagine, it is critical that I remain well to show up for all my beautiful brides and clients this season. I am happier to reschedule than risk it.

    All consultations must take place during Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and can start at 9:30am through to 12:15pm is the last appointment.

    Photos and/or videos will be taken before, during and after our consultation for the purposes of capturing the whole bridal look, recording products and colours used and sometimes for promotional purposes. Any sharing will be done so with integrity.

    False (one day) lashes included if required.

    Purchasing some products for yourself for your wedding day might be suggested such as lipstick, lipstick for bridal party or loose mattifying powder etc.


     "If you have any further questions regarding this document please just ask - I'm happy to answer them. I'm looking forward to enjoying this special time with you." - Amy


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