My TOP 3 Tips for finding the perfect Bridal Lipstick for your wedding day 💄

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Yep there are endless possibilities in lipstick 

With shades that have grown exponentially since the early 20th century, colours from each decade still take pride and place on the department store counters flanked by today’s trending colours and formulas. 👌
From bright and bold reds and pinks to classic nudes, naturals and neutrals, there is more than one colour for everyone!
Did you know of the $15,000 the average woman spends on makeup in her lifetime, $1780 of that goes to lipstick? What a crazy thought! 🤯
Many brides find choosing a lipstick specifically for their wedding day daunting especially if it’s not something they wear day-to-day.
Here are my TOP 3 tips when deciding what to choose for your Wedding day lipstick:
Formula - For the best chance of success you are going to look for a long-wearing formula. All that smiling, champagne sipping, air kissing and don’t forget actual kissing! It ideally needs to be smudge-proof 👄 
Shade - You need to first determine your dominant, natural, underlying pigment.
The 3 main ways to decide on this are:
1) Your eye colour - are they cool or warm? Or, are they are a cool-warm which is a balance of both. 👀 
2) Your vein colour in your wrist - is it more green than blue? Or blue than green?
3) Inner Lip Colour - The third way to help you choose is to pull down your lower lip to reveal the tone inside. This can be blue/purple or orange/pink. 👄 
If you still cant decide if you are warm, cool or hybrid try holding up some fabric in gold or silver (or warm/cool colours) to your neckline. This will finalise your decision.


Once you have determined your underlying tone you can set about finding your ideal lip shade. 🙌


If you choose a cool tone lipstick to match your cool tone, underlying pigment then you will be choosing the closest ‘natural’ tone for you.


This can be a light cool shade or a deep/dark cool shade. The same applies for if you are a warm, underlying pigment - choose a warm lipstick colour.


IF you are wanting a colour to POP on your LIPS then you will want to do the OPPOSITE of this advice. Choosing a colour on the opposite side of warm/cool.


 Here's a colour wheel to help you visualise this!



Finish - My personal favourite finish for a sophisticated Bridal look is a matte or satin finish. Creamy lip stick and Lip Gloss is higher maintenance, can slide, transfer onto teeth and need constant touch-up but I know some brides will persevere and don’t mind the maintenance.

The easiest way to try these on is to go to a beauty counter and swipe the lipstick on the inside your wrist then hold it up your face. Once you've selected a few to try ask the sales assistant/artist to apply them to your lips.

Take a paddle mirror out of the direct shop lighting and as close to natural light as possible. (This is when I prefer street-based stores to ones in the shopping malls)

I have TWO more BONUS TIPS for you because I KNOW you are going to want to make sure you are doing all of the right prep to ensure your lips are luscious on your wedding day…
Bonus 1: Exfoliate and nourish your lips! Avoid dry, flaky lips before the wedding day because your lipstick or lipgloss - whichever formula you pick - will not hide peeling lips.
Bonus 2: If you are going to wear a bright lip or RED lip, consider your teeth. Red, very often, can make your teeth look less white than normal so if this shade is on your wishlist you will want to pay attention to your teeth.
There are Whitening strips, home whitening kits with UV lights and of course your professional kits or Zoom whitening. 👄 
I’m so glad you’ve joined the conversation! I have so much more to share with you.
Remember that I’m always available if you want to book a friendly, discovery call with me - it’s a great chance to chat with me, share your bridal hair and makeup ideas or if you are just looking for some guidance.