Wedding Day Hairstyling and Makeup

It's go time!

Want to know exactly how to get prepped for your wedding day Beauty Session? Read on..


You will need to prep your hair and skin for wedding day hairstyling and makeup.


How to cleanse + dry your hair the day before wedding day

  • Soak your hair all the way through. Do a double, yes double shampoo. Do one, then repeat!  Rinse well.
  • Nourish. Use conditioner to nourish the mid-lengths and ends. Leave for a few mins and rinse well.
  • Towel-dry and comb out then preferably using a hairdryer and smoothing brush, blow dry your hair with the dryer nozzle angled down. Alternatively, air-dry and once completely dry use straightening irons to smooth the cuticle.
  • If you wish to exercise the morning of the wedding day or those that have very fine hair or those that get oily roots/dry ends etc. You may double cleanse and dry the morning of but you will need to ensure your hair is very clean and very dry please.
  • Bridal party - Please think ahead of time about where you like to wear your parting i.e.middle, left or right and if you'd like pieces out to frame your face or if you'd like it behind the ears. Please consider this when having a trim, cut or colour/highlights before the wedding day. For you the Bride we would have had a hands-on consultation already.
  • For naturally curly, spiral curl, extra frizzy, extra long or extra thick hair, please ask them to smooth their hair when drying it with either a brush and blow dryer or with straightening irons the day before, or if very frizzy book in a blow out at a salon. If they are a curly girl, suggest a nourishing treatment or hair mask a week before the wedding day.


Bride & Bridal Party checklist:

  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Medication
  • Contact lenses if required
  • Personal sunscreen for the body and/or the face if they have a preferred brand
  • Any other items personal to them on the morning of the wedding.
  • Bride - Your veil &/or hair accessories
  • Bridal party hair accessories
  • Fascinator / hats
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Necklace
  • Shoes

Please ensure you wear something loose and able to take over your head with ease - or wearing something that unbuttons like a shirt.

Skin Prep

On the wedding day morning... 

  • Please double cleanse using a warm flannel and nourish your face.
  • Remove any traces of mascara and other makeup residue.
  • Pop on a hydrating sheet mask and/or under eye hydrating patches the night before, something fun to do together.
  • Please advise of any major skin concerns, skin allergies and any other significant concerns before the wedding day please.



Set the tone

Music plays an important part on your wedding day and it starts in the morning!

Make yourself a wedding morning playlist. You might want something mellow and relaxing or you might want to throw in a few hype songs!

Regardless of your desired vibe, having some background music really sets the tone.


SO much fun.....SO little time....

The most surprising thing about the wedding morning is how fast time flys!

There's so much we want to experience on our wedding day and so this means usually an early start and a late night. So, with that in mind be sure to get enough sleep the night before, eat well and often during the morning and be well organised with all your items.

Make sure your bridal party knows about the timeline so that things run smoothly, it may run ahead or slightly behind but so long as they are nearby and prepped and ready for their time in the chair it will flow nicely.


Set up

There are a few requirements for setting up the hair and makeup area for the morning, these are listed in the terms and conditions however the most important ones that relate to the set up are:

  • a large table or bench with powerpoint near by
  • lots of lovely soft natural light where possible (not striking)
  • a chair or stool with a low back/dining chair and a tall bar stool if one is available however, I do ensure I bring one of these. Please, and thank you in advance.

Some little gold nuggets 

  •  Making sure that all wedding gowns and outfits are hanging up and out of the way (of food and drinks) have had their tags cut off (bring your own ✂️ ) and have been ironed or steamed the day before the wedding.
  • Especially veils as some fabrics crease and its hard to get the crinkles out the morning of the wedding.
  • I recommend the bridal party get into dress/outfit with plenty of time, instead of leaving it to the last minute as sometimes adjustments often need to be made.


Have a good breakfast planned and/or lots of snacks over the morning. 
  • Ensure you have a breakfast or morning tea planned that is easily accessible and especially easy to eat.
  • Bite sized foods, healthy, low GI carbs, not too much sugar so you have a beautiful energy ride throughout the morning. Give yourself room for a glass of champagne if desired!


Bonus Tip for your flowers

  • When these arrive, if fresh flowers and are going in water, ensure they come out of the water and dry the stems a good hour before you need them. You don't want drips showing on your dresses!


Spray Tans / Nails / Beauty Treatments / Hair cuts/colour

  • Spray Tans should be applied 1-2 days before the wedding day.
  • Same with nails, avoid painting on the day.
  • Eyebrow, eyelash treatments, skin treatments, hair cuts, colours, highlights, extensions at least 1-2 weeks before the wedding day.


Last valuable tip here!

  • Depending on the season, Auckland has several different levels of climate, all of them involve humidity! 
  • Turn on the air-conditioner first thing in the morning to keep a cool, dry temperature.
After reading this I hope to have answered some questions you may have had and also some of those you hadn't yet considered!


Now it's time to get excited!

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