Wedding Day Makeup


Prepping your face for your wedding day makeup doesn’t need to be daunting. Everyone has a different skincare journey, some very detailed and routine, others very simple and easy maintenance. We all have different skin concerns and deal with them differently.

Some start a 3 month skincare plan with their beautician, some clients will book a facial a week or so prior to the big day, some are happy to continue their at-home regime. No matter your plan, it only matters thats you have one!

Read on for some helpful beauty tips to have your face ready for that wedding day glow...



As a rule - do this:
  • Increase your water intake and drink it regularly. Add a few drops of electrolytes when you feel you need it - If you want your skin to glow from within, it starts here.
  • Mornings: Always cleanse and use a warm flannel to remove sweat and dust from your nights sleep and a clean towel to pat dry. Tip for the exercise fans: ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS cleanse your face after the gym or exercise routine. Do it without delay please!
  • Evenings: If you are a wearer of any type of makeup double cleansing is so important. The first cleanse to remove your makeup and a second to cleanse the skin. Always use a clean, warm flannel and a clean towel to pat dry.
  • The goodness in between: There are literally trillions of skincare products you can use in this space but the point of these active ingredient products are to solve specific skin concerns. From dryness, to anti-ageing, acne resolve, oily skin reduction etc.
  • Nourish: Lock that moisture in baby.
  • Use a light, nourishing moisturiser morning and night, if your skin requires it a night cream.
  • Hydrating sheet masks are a great quick fix pre-makeup as are the hydrating under eye patches. Try some of these out before the big day and when you find one that leaves you feeling hydrated and glowing make sure you - and anyone else having a makeup service - wear one on the morning of your wedding day.


On the wedding day morning...

Please double cleanse and nourish your face. Remove any traces of mascara and other makeup residue. Remind your bridesmaids to bring their own daily skincare, toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, medication, contact lenses if needed, their sunscreen for the body and/or the face and any other items personal to them.

Also, their chosen inspiration photo for makeup and let the makeup artist know of any major skin concerns, skin allergies and any other significant concerns before the wedding day please.



Have a good breakfast planned and/or lots of snacks over the morning.
Ensure you have a breakfast or morning tea planned that is easily accessible and especially easy to eat. Bite sized foods, healthy, low GI carbs, not too much sugar so you have a beautiful energy ride throughout the morning. Also gives you room for a glass of champagne!
(avoid flaky, crumbly foods they will spoil your makeup!)



 Set up on the day

**There are a few requirements for setting up the makeup area for the morning, these are listed in the terms and conditions however the most important ones that relate to the set up are: a large table or bench with powerpoint near by, lots of lovely soft (not striking) natural light where possible and a tall bar stool if one is available however, I do ensure we bring our own one of these. Please, and thank you in advance.




Music plays an important part on your wedding day and it starts in the morning! Make yourself a wedding morning playlist. You might want something mellow and relaxing or you might want to throw in a few hype songs! Regardless of your desired vibe, having some background music really sets the tone.



SO much fun.....SO little time....

The most surprising thing about the wedding morning is how fast time flys! There's so much we want to experience on our wedding day and so this means usually an early start and a late night. So, with that in mind be sure to get enough sleep the night before, eat well and often during the morning and be well organised with all your items.

Appoint one of your bridal team to take charge of other matters of the morning including food, drinks and ensuring that everyone is where they are meant to be at any given time so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. 

Makeup averages 30-40 mins per person.

Making sure that all wedding gowns and outfits are hanging up and out of the way (of food and drinks) have had their tags cut off (bring your own ✂️ ) and have been ironed or steamed the day before the wedding. Especially veils as some fabrics crease and its hard to get the crinkles out the morning of the wedding. I recommend getting into dress/outfit with plenty of time, instead of leaving it to the last minute as sometimes adjustments often need to be made.

Bonus Tip for your flowers - When these arrive, if fresh flowers and are going in water, ensure they come out of the water and dry the stems a good hour before you need them. you don't want drips on your dress!

Last valuable tip here!

Depending on the season, Auckland has several different levels of climate, all of them involve humidity!

Sometimes even just a few people in a room with beauty lights or a hairdryer or heated tongs can make the room extremely warm. Please think ahead for this and consider ventilation or air conditioning/cooling fans at your location. You will not regret it.

After reading this I hope to have answered some questions you may have had and also some of those you hadn't yet considered!


Now it's time to get excited!


 "If you have any further questions regarding this document please just ask - I'm happy to answer them. I'm looking forward to enjoying this special time with you." - Amy

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