Your dream bridal preview


bridal preview

Things to consider before: 

  • Look for hair inspiration (if you haven't already) for people with the same hair colour/length and skin tone as you.
  • Are a hair up or hair down gal?
  • Do you want to see pieces in the front framing your face or do you prefer it off your face?
  • Your own hair length & colour
  • Are you thinking about having a veil and/or hair clips or accessories?
  • We will discuss all of this at your preview but it's really good to start thinking about it. 
  • Please allow enough time for your preview and come alone so that my full focus is on you!
  • Tip:  wear white or similar colour to your bridal gown/outfit. Preferably with a similar neckline. 
  • Be ready to strike a pose! We’re going to capture some beautiful photos and videos before, during, and after your preview. We want to capture every detail of your bridal look, showcasing the incredible products and techniques used.
  • And hey, this is the perfect opportunity to plan a date night with your fiancé or a dinner date with the girls to showcase your bridal hair.
  • It’s going to be a fun, memorable experience!