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KYK Haircare



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Kream’d is a smoothing styling cream that will not only help control and eliminate frizz, but it will also add instant shine and work as a heat protector for upto 220ºC.

Kream’d is a medium hold, non sticky formula with a refreshing watermelon scent.

Suitable for all hair types. Bye bye to stubborn baby hairs and bad hair days.

Kream’d can be used after the shower on damp hair to prep it before styling, or on dry hair after styling to smooth out frizz, static and hydrate dry ends. Achieve sleek looks, smooth out waves or detail your hair styles with Kream’d. A staple in every stylists and hair enthusiasts kit and bathroom.

Our 120G tubes are recyclable and eco-friendly.

HOW TO USE: Sleek and smooth out your hairstyles using Kream’d by squeezing a small dollop on the palm of your hand, using your fingers directly apply to hair. 

(Optional: Rub Kream’d into both hands before applying all over hair). Can be used on damp hair before styling or on dry hair to eliminate frizz and smooth out hair. 

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