KYK Magic Dust Volume Powder

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Pioneering the first 20 GRAM volume powder in a PUMP bottle on the market globally.

Magic dust offers professional salon quality results and is perfect for all hair types.

Its unique watermelon scent will leave you feeling fresh and mesmerised.

This powder helps take styling to the next level and speaks volumes.

If your hair is limp, thin, flat and needs a boost then this is for you.

Does your hair struggle to stay up with volume?

Simply add a small amount of powder to your roots or the body of your hair and watch this powder create instant volume.

This translucent powder (can be applied on ALL HAIR COLOURS) will disappear once rubbed into the hair or brushed with a comb.

Magic dust absorbs oil in the hair shaft and thus can be used to achieve mega height for glam styling or used as a texturizing powder.

Its DUAL purpose is the reason Magic dust is so Powder’ful.