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KYK Mystique Oil

KYK Mystique Oil

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Pioneering a mist so unique, Mist-ique is developed with a triple threat function; heat protector, shine spray and nourishing oil.

The First of its kind Globally Mist-ique contains the following eight oils:

Moroccan Argan, Rosemary, Seed, Clary Sage, Coconut, Olive Fruit, Chamomile and Sweet Almond oil.

This revolutionary formula will help with deep nourishment, split ends reduction, frizz control, shine, stimulating hair growth and help with the overall health of your scalp.

  1. Remove the lid from the bottle by lifting it.
  2. Position nozzle in direction of application (apply from a distance to allow mist to spread evenly over hair)
  3. Press down on the nozzle to release mist.
  4. Style as desired. Apply on wet/ damp hair from mid-ends to avoid oily roots. Then blow wave and style (mist will evaporate with heat styling). When applied on dry styles, apply lightly and work it into the hair with fingers or brush to set the shine. For the “wet look” apply excessively all over from roots-ends. 

    PRO tip: Spray your hairbrush with Mist-ique before applying to hair for an even and easy distribution.

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