What is a Ready-By time?

What is a Ready-By time?

Having a wedding comes with some planning as you will no-doubt be experiencing so far!

Often the engagement sparks the first plans of when to marry, then where to marry (in either order) then the organised couples will go a step further and secure their other major vendors for their special day.

There's so much we want to experience on our wedding day and so this means usually an early start and a late night.

As there is only one date, and some vendors are able to cater to many people on the same day – others such as photographers, videographers, celebrants and hair and makeup will often only book one wedding/event per day so people like us get snapped up fast and early on those popular, seasonal dates year after year. 

After the initial planning phase for your wedding most couples experience a quiet-time or lull in the planning process.

It’s not until a few months before the imminent wedding date that the buzz starts to rise again and you’ll be now planning table seating charts, organising decorations and paying balances.

So much fun, so little time…

The most surprising thing about the wedding morning is how fast time flys!

There's so much we want to experience on our wedding day and so this means usually an early start and a late night. So, with that in mind be sure to get enough sleep the night before, eat well and often during the morning and be well organised with all your items.

Your ready-by time is worked out by understanding a few factors:

  • Prep location?
  • First look photoshoot if having?
  • Photographer arrival?
  • Drive to ceremony timeframe – allow extra time for heavy traffic times/day or delays
  • Or if getting ready on-site, what time is the Ceremony planned for?

Once you have your ready-by time worked out, I can work backwards in planning my arrival and start time and then a finish time. I will give you an approximate total time for the number of people and services required.

It’s hard to give a per person time as some hair and makeup can take less or more time than others. The finish time will always allow plenty of time for you to get dressed and have a few photos taken before leaving.

So that’s it. You’ll need to know your ready-by time when planning your wedding day morning. If you choose to confirm your booking with Ryan Beauty Co you will receive a link to more information around how to prepare yourself for your Bridal Preview and Wedding Day Beauty.

It also highlights what is required for the hair and makeup area, general tips and guidelines to help you plan your morning.

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